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Fantasies, Dreams and Nature

Metaphors and Short Stories

by John Smale


Dreams are so annoying. They tell stories, alter moods, and then dissolve away, leaving you with the frustrations of not being able to remember them. Attempts to recall dreams are reminiscent of those times when we have tried to pull earthworms from their holes. You get a small grip and then they slip away to hide. Later they might come out fully, but only rarely. Perhaps dreams take us to a different universe. One that can offer pleasure and one that can offer horror. People, alive and dead, come into that world. People we have lost contact with will appear with monotonous regularity. We can see things that are invisible in our waking moments, we can hear and smell beautiful and ugly things.We can fantasise in our dreams, we can set goals for ourselves and hope that when our dream universe merges back into our waking lives, those dreams come true.Enjoy the following fantasies and dreams. They will relax and sooth you, help you to visualise, and give you a sense of optimism. They are purposely told to the listener so that they are interactive. Nature is not something that exists outside our windows. We live in nature. We exist on a living planet that we have a greater need for than it has for us. We should treat the world as if were really our mother, rather than something than needs to be destroyed for profits.

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Human and Animal Metaphors

Short Stories, Analogies and Metaphors for People Who Would Like to Discover Entertainment and Hope for Positive Change

by John Smale


Compiled from John Smale's other books of metaphors and short stories as a special selection. We live in a stressful world. Very often, we live at a distance from the people who we could ask for help or advice. Regrettably, it is often easier to recognize the causes and effects of problems after the event, with the benefit of hindsight. Therefore, these short stories, based on real-life experiences, have been written in order to offer help to people who are suffering, or who might suffer, from negative influences in their lives. The stories are based on the adverse effects that behaviors, attitudes, and actions have had on the lives of others. Therefore, if the listeners can benefit from recognizing symptoms of their own issues that have caused problems, then there is the possibility that they can take corrective action before suffering strikes them. Of course, it would be wonderful if we all had access to a wise sage who could point us in the right direction from time to time. With these stories, you can imagine that you have traveled back in time to the site of a storyteller's circle. During our early years, we gained our view of the world which contains us by listening to our parents, grandparents, and teachers, and even by watching children's television. The world we built then is still within us. The art of a storyteller is to use that world to create analogies, examples, and metaphors in a world in which animals and plants appear to think and act as humans. In this way, we can learn afresh by looking at ourselves from a new perspective.

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I am the surreal, dark and enigmatic book that knows all the secrets of its readers

by B Wilder


This book is a cocktail made from humour, joy and pleasure mixed with the sadness and horrors of murders and death. The surreal idea of a book reading its readers challenges and delights; expanding the realms of the traditional and the imagination into new territories of creativity. As a first impression, the reader may be surprised at the idea that a book can read its reader. Yet the written word and books have surrounded us from the early days of civilisation. So if you are reading this as a paperback, eBook or having it read to you as an audio-book, the truth remains that we have a deep relationship with stories and tales that explain how our lives are so richly embroidered with our needs to hear the ways our personal worlds developed from the spoken words of our parents to our ability to understand what was being said and to pass those pieces of information on to others. Books, in any form, are our friends, our advisers, our sources of knowledge, so it should not be a surprise when our companions comprehend our lives as well as any other creation that we have a strong relationship with. When a book is presented as an observer of its readers then stories of greed, death, infidelity, loneliness, crime and debauchery can be told alongside tales of joy and happiness, resolution and humour in a neutral way. Please never think nervously about what is being read from your mind. Your thoughts are your own but perhaps this book will help you to understand how you fit into the world a little better.

Above all, this has been written to entertain in a different way to the books that you are used to. Please enjoy it.