Time and Energy
Understanding human behaviour past, present and future

by Ian Senior

Ian Senior starts from two extremely simple concepts:
a) time and energy are two absolutes on which all economic activity is based; and
b) most humans are economic most of the time.
From these two premises he explains the activities of individuals, groups, societies and nations from the past through to the present and future. The golden age of cheap fossil fuels is waning. This fact will influence every aspect of human activity from the number of years we work to the food and goods we produce. Ian Senior shows how the future will unfold in relation to peace, war, religion, migration, democracy and human behaviour generally.


For many decades central banks have been issuing currencies whose value has depended on nothing more than faith in the central bank. Ian Senior proposes an interesting alternative which is worthy of consideration by those who believe in sound money. Professor Philip Booth, Institute of Economic Affairs and Cass Business School, City University, London

Adam Smith introduced the concept of GDP back in 1776, but Ian Senior points out that all wealth derives from natural energy, and that a nation's capital wealth is just as important as its income. On that score, he makes some surprising and concerning calculations of where the world's wealth actually lies. Dr Eamonn Butler, Director, The Adam Smith Institute, London

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