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Mr Carbon Atom and the Theory of Carbon Entromorphology
by Mark Andrew Janes

Since the dawn of human history life has battled for survival, with human beings evolving to dominate this process on planet Earth. For to be human, is to know unequivocally that one day you will die and it is this truth which has precipitated a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of immortality initially through divine methods but more recently through scientific endeavour. Human knowledge is a fractured system of investigation born out of mathematics, literacy and imagery. These axioms are often so different that knowledge has remained divided and a cross fertilisation of ideas is rendered almost impossible. Through the modern science of human thermodynamics carbon entromorphology has emerged as a major contender for a unified model of the mind and the conscious observer. It relates all knowledge together producing powerful new systems of understanding taking human evolution into new and breathtaking areas. It is the science of the 21st century and will almost certainly stand up to challenge current thinking on life and the prospect for a more stable and peaceful future for all humanity.

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