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Happy, Sad, Shocking and Curious Tales

by John Smale


This is a varied collection of intriguing short stories written as if a book could read its readers It has been said that the book is like the 'invisible' villain in a crime story. It is the fly on the wall, the butler looking through a keyhole. Perhaps the postman or the waiter who is taken for granted and who can see what is happening, but remains unseen. This wide-ranging mix contains stories of love, murder, ghosts, success, failure, comedy, cheating and many, many more. Please laugh at some of these very tongue-in-cheek accounts, cry at others but above all be entertained by a different perspective on the lives of people and a unique way to tell stories. There are light and dark events and many hues in between. You will find enjoyment in the tales.
Please enjoy the book.

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USA for Kindle, paperback and audiobook

REVIEW Brian Page, editor of Mensa Magazine
This is a brilliant book. The stories would very much have stood up as a collection of work in their own right but the extra and imaginative addition of the idea that there is a book that reads people adds to the brilliance.
If you like stories with a twist, ones that reveal the vagaries of life in all it many forms then this is definitely for you.
Very highly recommended.
The Short Stories and Metaphors Omnibus
by John Smale

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The Short Stories and Metaphors Omnibus: A compilation of the three highly acclaimed books of short stories and metaphors for hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP by John Smale
A compilation of the following books for maximum value:

  • Short Stories and Metaphors
  • Mind Changing Short Stories and Metaphors
  • Moving Forward

  • The stories, covering problems and opportunities in life, are set out alphabetically by their titles. Under the title there is a short description of the meaning of the story that will help the reader to 'cherry pick' in order to select something that is relevant to their situation in life.
    Short Stories and Metaphors
    by John Smale

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    When we look in a mirror we can see a reflection of how we are and how we want to be. We live in a stressful world. Very often we live at a distance from the people who we could ask for help or advice.
    Regrettably, it is often easier to recognise the causes and effects of problems after the event, with the benefit of hindsight. Therefore, these short stories and metaphors, based on real-life experiences, have been written in order to offer help to people who are suffering, or who might suffer, from negative influences in their lives. The stories are based on the adverse effects that behaviours, attitudes and actions have had on the lives of others. Therefore, if the readers can benefit from recognising symptoms of their own issues that have caused problems, then there is the possibility that they can take corrective action before suffering strikes them. They stem from the therapeutic experiences of a hypnotherapist and how people have exchanged their problems for happiness using short stories and metaphors and NLP.
    Mind Changing Short Stories and Metaphors
    by John Smale

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    When used in NLP and hypnotherapy, metaphors have long given insights into the difficulties of people and have shown the ways in which we can escape or improve. If the stories strike a chord with you, then they also show a way out.
    These short stories, metaphors and interactive scripts will help you to eliminate negative thoughts and achieve your dreams by allowing you to relax while reading stories that can bring about positive change. Some of the stories will relax you, others will make you think. Some allow you to enter a light feeling of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have been major users of metaphors to show different approaches to problems and their resolution. Milton Erickson, the grandfather of modern hypnotherapy used metaphors to great effect in resolving problems with his patients. Self hypnosis allows you to enter the areas of your mind where you can become imaginative and optimistic. You can create your dreams and the ways in which you will achieve them. Based on a huge amount of therapeutic work, these short stories, metaphors and interactive scripts can help you to bring about positive changes, eliminate negative thoughts and achieve your dreams.
    Moving Forward
    Life Changing Short Stories and Metaphors
    by John Smale

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    The most perfect thing about humans is our lack of perfection. Moving Forward is the positive outcome of that. We can realise that there is something better in the future. When we berate ourselves for not being perfect, we wallow in failure. But, when we see that the future can be better we thrive in the optimistic feeling that no matter what has befallen us there is always the opportunity for betterment rather than assuming that we have reached an end point. As you read this book either to yourself, to other people or to your clients you will find insight into problems. This allows movement away from difficulties towards finding solutions and implementing them. The decision to look at life from new perspectives gives the chance to earn your true value in the world and to profit from constructive change. Rather than being held back by old beliefs and attitudes the reader moves into a new way of thinking, a new way of acting and a new way of life. Taking and acting on decisions is paramount to success. By moving forward now, you are investing in a brighter future.