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Fantasies and Dreams
mp3 download.
71 mins.


Pure relaxation. Listen to 8 tracks of fantasy set to gentle music that take your mind and body into deep relaxation. You can develop into whatever you set your mind to becoming.

You can fulfil that rich inner potential by creating self-belief by imagining what you want to become.
Self Hypnosis
mp3 download.
54 mins.



With this much acclaimed method, hypnotherapist John Smale helps you to relax, form suggestions, affirmations and to visualise your dreams and ambitions.

If you want to relax or set achievable goals, this recording is for you.
Self Help
Controlling Your Weight and Shape
mp3 download.
36 mins.


This download shows you how to control your weight and shape by changing your body-shape blueprint using the natural resources of your body and mind.

Traditional methods of dieting can, very often, bring about weight gain in the longer term. This is the effect known as 'yo-yo' dieting.

Learn how to work with your natural systems rather than against them in order to lose weight.

The effects last into the future as your body will adhere to the new shape 'blueprint' that you will give it.
Stop Smoking
mp3 download.
45 mins.


According to a study published in The New Scientist magazine a few years ago, hypnosis and breathing techniques are highly effective ways to stop smoking. The study was conducted by the Institute of Actuaries and was based on the results from 72,000 people from America, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

Hypnosis was ranked at number one and breathing at number two.

This download tells you how to breathe correctly and uses hypnosis to help you to quit.
Audio Books
Part One, Animal Nature download.
50 mins.



Part One, Animal Nature
By telling stories of human problems set as if they are played out in the animal worlds, we can gain insights into our own frailties, vanities and inertia. By making comparisons we can very often gain the understanding that we need to move onwards.

We can see reflections of ourselves in the characters of animals. The wolf in 'Little Red Riding Hood' represents the predatory nature of men. The dragons that needed to be slayed were, and are, the threats from bullies. Sometimes people, sometimes nations.
The stories that follow in this section include animals to symbolise the pressures of life. Our need to strive to advance at the expense of happiness. Our erroneous beliefs about others, including nature.

1. The Old Story Teller. An old man relates stories as metaphors and analogies in order to help people to recognise the causes and resolutions of their problems.
2. The Bird's Worlds. Sometimes the urge to progress ever onwards brings dangers.
3. The Snake's Skin. Vanity can hold us back. The inner self is more important than the outward facade.
4. The Fish Pond. However we perceive our spirituality, we are probably wrong!
5. The Vulture's Story. Even the seemingly ugly things in life have a use and a beauty.
6. The Salmon's Story. The choice between risk and safety in our search for fulfilment.
7. The Frog's Ladder. Whilst helping others is good, making total sacrifices is counter productive.
8. The Hawk's Story. Sometimes the discovery of liberation is frightening. The freedom that is gained should be welcomed rather than feared.
9. The Fly's Story. Is about not understanding what is really good for us.
10. The Web. Shows that creativity and individuality, as well as logic, have a place in the advancement of our lives.
Part Two, Human Nature download.
50 mins.


Part Two, Human Nature
The eight stories have themes which address modern views of ourselves and others. The intention is to encourage personal insights into our own problems and attitudes in order to encourage positive personal changes.

Anger, revenge, prejudice and dominance seem to be primeval drives. However, they pervade modern life. These are human failings over which we have control, if we think about the consequences for ourselves, and others.

1. Rejection. Describes a need by some people who feel that they have been rejected, to reject others. By doing so, they feel that they have eliminated the possibility that they will be rejected again.
2. Poisoning The Well. Deliberate revenge often returns to hurt the revenger.
3. The Precious Vase. Tells us that we do have choices when it comes to the actions taken whilst angry.
4. The Fisherman's Story. There is a need to let go of what is broken before we become damaged ourselves.
5. Surfing Life. How to take control of our own destinies in a world that seems determined to govern our lives for us.
6. Who Or What. Is about the faulty nature of prejudice. We should reserve opinions until we understand who the person is rather than assume from the first impression.
7. The Third Eye. Is about the cruelty of mankind to itself, other creatures and the world.
8. Magic. Is about how selfishness works against the individual rather than for him. It explains how the desire to help only ourselves leads to finding nothing but disappointment.
9. The Scapegoat's Story. Highlights the pointless need to assign blame to others.
Part Three, Nature's Nature download.
51 mins.


Part Three, Nature's Nature
The world and its spirit is the most important thing in human life. We pretend to understand its nature, yet we know very little. When we use nature as a mirror, we are better able to understand our places in the world.

Nature is not something that exists outside our windows. We live in nature. We exist on a living planet that we have a greater need for than it has for us. We should treat the world as if were really our mother rather than something than needs to be destroyed for profits.

1. The Mood Rainbow. We can look at things in two ways, the positive and the negative. The colours of the rainbow come from pure light. When those colours are mixed they make a gloomy mess.
2. The Wind-Blasted Tree. Explains how we can form negative attitudes towards ourselves that are different to the reality of how we are perceived by others.
3. The Volcano's Story. Tells of the destructive effects of uncontrolled violence.
4. The River's Story. Is about remorse.
5. Straight Lines. Continues the theme that logic has been sold as the correct way to think, whereas nature has no rules of precision in its beauty.
6. The Water-Wheel. Looks at the innocent recycling that occurs in a simple way.
7. The Wave's Story. The cycle of energy told as a story about a wave in the ocean.
Part Four, Insight to Anger download.
42 mins.


Insight to Anger
Anger and rage are destructive forces. They destroy relationships, property and lives. However, it is not a blind force. It is something over which we can gain control. This download has a primeval approach to resolving the background reasons for anger.

A continuing narrative about anger the causes, effects and resolution of anger.

1. The Angry Man. This sets the scene for the destructive anger that is resolved through the remaining stories.
2. Blame
3. Killing The Anger
4. Power
5. Judgement
6. The New Domain
7. Time
8. The Four Parts
9. Resolution